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Our Mission

Cool Cars for Kids exists to promotes awareness and fund research for many different types of rare genetic diagnoses.  The children and their families affected by these diagnoses inspire us all with their bravery, strength and love of life.

Rare Cars for Rare Diseases

What we do: Our primary fundraising event that we host is the Philadelphia Concours d'Elegance - a classic car show right in the city of Brotherly Love. The Philadelphia Concours d’Elegance is a family-friendly event created to bring together families of children with rare genetic diagnoses and classic car enthusiasts who share a common passion and appreciation for the one-of-a-kind.


Our other fundraising activities include organizing Clean Cars for Kids, where we help set up everything you need to organize a car wash to support and raise awareness for a meaningful cause! Additionally, we love attending local car shows and helping the next generation of car fans! Learn more about our events here!

Why rare cars and rare diseases?

- Both classic car enthusiasts and families of children with birth disorders have great respect for individuality and both care for someone or something valuable that is often under appreciated

- Both give great attention to detail and see the beauty in qualities that are often overlooked

- Both know that it takes time, patience, dedication, and expert care to reach their full potential 

How our funds are being used

Funds raised by Cool Cars for Kids are targeted towards delivering care, providing support, and driving research for children with rare genetic diagnoses to ensure a brighter future through the development of novel treatments and cures. 

Research Efforts

The Roberts Individualized Medical Genetics Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia helps thousands of patients and establishes diagnoses of rare diseases that may have otherwise been missed, in turn allowing for improved management and treatment.

Specialty Clinics

Cool Cars for Kids helps to fund specialty clinics within the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia such as the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome and Related Diagnoses Center as well as the newly formed Kabuki Syndrome clinic.

Family Support Meetings

On July 13th, 2019, the first “CHOPS” Syndrome Meeting took place at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Nine families from across the world gathered for this special opportunity.

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