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There are over 7,000 rare diseases & disorders that combined affect 30 million Americans – that is 1 in 11 of us – and more than half are children. 

  • Every 4.5 minutes, a baby is born with a birth defect in the U.S.

  • Birth Defects affect 1 in every 33 babies 

  • born in the U.S. each year- that’s 120,000 babies a year!

  • Developmental disorders are the leading cause of infant mortality and childhood disability.

  • 7% percent of children born in the U.S. have cognitive disability and/or structural birth defects

  • Over 400 babies are born each day in the U.S. with a cognitive anomoly.



 The vast majority of these disorders have a primary genetic etiology. The rapid explosion of genetic information coupled with technological advances has allowed for clinicians and scientists to identify the underlying etiology of these conditions. This information can be used to better understand these diagnoses and translated into improved management and therapeutics. 

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Cool Cars for Kids exists to provide help and hope to children born with rare genetic diagnoses and to support research that will identify the best possible treatments.

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